Thursday, March 15, 2012


  It is still chilly where I live, especially in the mornings. Today it was -10 Celsius. That means gloves are still necessary, every day, when stepping outside of the house.
  Gloves are a fun accessory, with which you can go a little crazy even. I love stylish clothes, but I don´t want to take things too seriously. Dressing up is like a little fun game. Besides, I have to wear something anyway, so why not something pretty and uplifting?

  These gloves go with my Oestara-look:

Green grass and little chicks are so Oestara!

Gloves are a safer place to fool around and have fun, than say, dresses or shirts. If I had this theme in a bigger garment, I would have to be much more subtle with the outcome.

Call me childish, but I love these little buttons!

The grass is simply cut out piece of green fleece. I placed a solid piece of it on top of the clove, and started cutting away. I hand sew it on (which took a little too much time, and especially patience, but now that I see how it turned out I can say it was definitely worth it).

  Oestara is not only about grass and chicks, it is also the time when the first flowers, like crocuses, start to bloom:

All of these fabrics are leftover pieces of some previous projects. The crocus buttons I salvaged from my earlier dress (which I abandoned for being too stretchy and loose), and transferred to these gloves to make them pretty.

The first bugs wake up from hibernation during Oestara too.

The crocuses were challenging to sew on securely enough, since they weren´t buttons after all! I used thread, as close to the original color as possible, to tie around the whole flower.  It doesn´t show in use, only in a close up like this.

The recipe:

your hand
a piece of paper
30cm fleece fabric (a little stretchy)
buttons, ribbons, bows, etc. for decorating

+ Place your hand, fingers separated, on the piece of paper. Draw down the outlines of it. Add about 1cm to these lines, all around, and cut along that line. This is your pattern.
  Fold the fleece right sides in, and cut two hand shapes out of the double-layered fabric. You can use different colors for bottom and top, if you like.
  Sew close to the outer edge with straight stitches (mine have never torn). Cut opening notches between each finger at the bottom, up until about 2mm from the stitching line. Turn the gloves right sides out.
  Decorate as you wish. Let your imagination fly and have fun!
  You can check out my Imbolc gloves here for more inspiration!

  These gloves fit incredibly well, since they are made just for me. The fingers are exactly the right length and width, which I often find poor in store-bought gloves.
  They also make a nice little gift for a friend (you might want to sneak her/his handprint first with some excuse for the perfect fit, but these work without it too. Just keep the fabric stretchy enough.).

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