Monday, March 12, 2012


  What can be cuter than baby booties? There is just something about babies´ tiny little feet that make them so darn adorable. And knitting booties to keep those little toes warm is very satisfying, and quick!

  Here are the ones I´ve made for my baby-to-be:

Before making any more, I will wait and see which gender my baby is really going to be (it looked like a girl in the ultra scan, but there have been surprises before too!).

In the back is the outfit these booties were made to be worn with.

This is a classical look for newborn baby boys, but works perfectly for girls also, when combined with a matching outfit.

I´m in the making of a hat to this outfit, of the same yarn as the booties to complete the look.

These would also go well for both girls and boys. It´s all about the color choice.

Simple socks work equally well. I added a bow around the ankles to keep them in place, because babies are quick in kicking off any socks!

  Booties come in numerous different shapes and styles. You can choose your favorite according to your taste and skills. My skills in knitting are limited, and I don´t have much patience, so I chose these styles. It is the thought that counts!
  You can find instructions to many different styles here.

  I have made these booties and socks for years to friends who have had babies. They make a lovely "Welcome to the world" -card when attached to a piece of cardboard and sent by mail! Handcrafted items are luxurious these days, and are highly appreciated. So don´t be too hard on judging your skills!

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