Friday, March 16, 2012


  The other day I was driving home from... hmm...I forget now... and was able to witness this beautiful sunset on the way.

No picture manipulation done here, it really was this beautiful!

It shows clearly how the sun is getting more powerful. The colors in nature are getting more vivid as the daylight increases. Welcome spring!

  Pictures were taken while driving, through an obviously dirty windshield...

  Embracing everyday moments,s like this sunset, are what brings quality to my life. Sound dull? But I see them as gems, that are so close to me, that it requires a certain skill to acknowledge them. And since they do exist anyway, why not enjoy them to the fullest? Quality of life, to me, is more than just traveling around the world or buying new houses and cars (of which I do none...=)  Those occasions come too rarely. I rather recognize the small good things life has to offer (along with the bigger but more infrequent ones, of course), and be happy every day!

  I love and respect the fact that nature still keeps giving us so much, though we have harmed it in many ways over the past century or two. But like they say, it is not yet too late to save her, and ourselves as a side product! Little things do add up...

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