Wednesday, March 28, 2012


  Oestara is about fun and play, a time to go a little childish! I fooled around and painted my nails in this manner, making them Easter egg-like. Still forever faithful to my principle of not covering all of the nail surface with polish, in order to reduce toxicity in my body (it is important to us all, but especially those of us who are either pregnant or breastfeeding).

Short nails have been my favorite for some years now. Somehow long, especially fake nails, remind me too much of the nineties. Been there, done that, so this is more new to me. Plus it takes a bit more self esteem to proudly show off natural nails.

Wouldn´t they just go well as Easter eggs in the grass?

I always try to keep in mind, that life is about having fun, and adding that to everyday life is what brings quality!

Colors used in the nails go with everything in my Oestara palette: grey, yellow, and lilac. So these nails will fit all of my outfits. It´s all in the details...

If one of the dots wear out, I simply replace it with a new drop of the same polish. Easy and practical!

I have gotten lots of cheerful attention due to my dotted nails during these years. It is fun to create positive reactions in people!

  This is only one way of doing Oestara nails. I don´t yet have green nailpolish, but that would suit the theme well. How does lilac and green flowers sound? Or grass and chicks? More detailed work for sure, but maybe one day... Anything is possible!

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