Tuesday, February 21, 2012


  These gloves are soooo comfortable and easy to make! You can wear them from Mabon to Beltane, whenever the weather demands. And it´s big fun to design and make new looks for each season! Here is the very first pair I´ve made, to suit the look of Imbolc:

Pretty, soft, cozy, and a wind-stopper. Just the way I need them!

This is the world and scenery the gloves will be used in.
The biggest decorations look like rings in fingers, but are made of cotton circles for comfortable use.
Aah, the combination of grey and light blue just do the trick for me!

Placing a button in an unusual place gives an interesting little twist!

Cool, nature joined in decorating!

These just can´t be beaten in beauty!

  I used to think making gloves would be too troublesome, as opposed to mittens, but I was wrong! Hooray! I love the practicality of gloves. You can do everything with them on, like take pictures in the cold (which is very difficult with mittens), drive a car and use the turning sign switch with ease, or carry multiple shopping bags in your hands while still managing to open the house door, to name a few.

  These gloves are a real treasure! You can manage  through most winter, but not in extremely cold, like lower than -10 Celsius / 15 Fahrenheit I´d say. There are different types of fleece fabric available, choose the one to suit your temperature needs.

  The recipe:

your hand
a piece of paper to fit your hand in
25cm fleece fabric (needs to be somewhat stretchy)
decorating material such as buttons, cotton fabric for crafting, bows,  ribbons...

+ Place your hand, fingers spread, on a sheet of paper. Roughly draw down the outlines of your hand onto the paper, including about 7cm of your wrist. Draw another line at about a generous 1cm away outward from the original hand line. This will make the drawn hand look huge, but is necessary to achieve a fitting glove. This is your pattern, for both hands.

This is my template. Drawn on simple paper, nothing special needed. The wrist isn´t long enough in this pattern, but I added length  when cutting out of the fabric.

  Place the pattern on a double layer of fabric, pin down, and cut along the edges. Sew close to the edges with straight stitches. Cut an opening between each finger at the lowest point to allow them to set nicely after turning inside out (but be careful not to cut over the stitched line!). Make another one for your other hand as well.  =)
  Turn the glove right side out, and start decorating! Once again this is a perfect place to let your imagination fly, and to show your individual style!

Have fun!

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