Wednesday, March 14, 2012


  Yesterday was the due date for my baby to be born. But she didn´t.
  What better date to capture my current figure on film than that?! I won´t be this big for long (hopefully), and unless photographed, later on I will never believe the size I achieved during pregnancy! It amazes me how much a woman´s body can stretch and change in just nine months...

This is my home-look. No make-up (if I don´t leave the house), but jewellery and other accessories are used to complete the relaxed look. Outfit colors match the house´s main colors. It is a skill to dress right for each occasion. And homing is an occasion, right?

  For comparison, here is a picture of me a year ago:

This is a genuine going-to-work-look. So not too much make-up, but otherwise a neat appearance. Thought through to the smallest detail, like the hairband. (Needless to say, I have made the dress myself.)

  Once the baby is born, it is time to start hunting that lost waist again... It won´t happen over night, but don´t they say that it takes those same nine months to transform oneself back to the original state? I have a long way to go: -20kg...
   I will post about my progress during the year. Thumbs up!

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