Friday, March 16, 2012


  One-piece romper is a favorite of mine for a baby´s outfit, but this time I had to give in and make a playsuit. The reason for it is that I noticed how many body shirts I have gotten as a gift for my baby, and now will have to find a use to. It would be silly not to use them, so I need some "pants" to go with them. And regular "pants" will not do. I think they look mostly unattractive with a baby´s big diaper-bum, and are not handy in use. Only after the baby becomes a toddler, and starts to walk, are ordinary pants in order.

I was left with small pieces of extra fabric earlier, when making a nursing shirt for myself. How could I throw those away? I thought it would be cute to have outfits made of the same fabric with my baby. This baby body shirt is one of those I have gotten as a gift. If the baby is a girl, I´ll add a little lace to give it a more vintage and romantic look.

Snap fasteners, always my favorite in baby clothes!

There is a seam going across the belly because the scrap pieces of fabric were so small, I couldn´t fit the entire front or back piece on it. Like they say; "where´s a will, there´s a way"!

  This playsuit is made with the same pattern as all of my previous rompers, but I left out the sleeves. It is so simple to vary!
  If you don´t yet have proper patterns, it is easy to buy them on the net. This is a nice, and affordable, set for a baby from McCall´s. I have bought their patterns, and therefore can recommend it. They have a worldwide delivery too.

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