Tuesday, March 27, 2012


  Some time ago I bought a mirror from a second-hand-shop. I needed one badly for our tiny upstairs restroom. Mirrors have the effect of doubling the space, and that´s just the illusion I wanted to create.
  This is what I found, for eight bucks:

Hideous by color, beautiful by shape and the fact that someone has clearly hand-made it (but it didn´t turn out perfect...).

How it ended up like this...

... or this, I have no clue.

But it was nothing a little sandpaper couldn´t take care of. Then all I needed was some good old white paint, and the apparel was totally changed. For good.

As decor I reused these old humming birds, that once were  lit up with tiny led lights. But as nothing seems to last long these days, neither did these little birdies´ lights   =(.

They look cute, but not too girly for my husband to visit this room when in need. =)

The restroom is so tiny that it was challenging to get a picture showing the whole of it all in one. In this reflection you can see a little more of it, and here you can see the rest.

The edges are beautifully facet polished.

Little scabs in the mirror surface shows the age of the item, and gives it the nice rustic feeling I´m into.

  This was as simple as remodeling can be: only paint added. But here it shows just how big of a difference only color can make. White gives the mirror a more sophisticated look, and makes it pop out of the wall instead of sinking in, making the whole area brighter and seemingly larger. (I might even mistake myself looking prettier than in reality, when seeing myself in this mirror now!)

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