Tuesday, March 13, 2012


 My earlier (and successful!) experience with woodwork encouraged me to try a bigger project. This time I made an important, quality-of-life improving, piece of furniture I have been struggling with for years now: a working make-up station! Yes, yes, men don´t understand the importance, but us gals, we use it daily to achieve the best results in life, right?  =)   (I do think a neatened and somewhat stylish appearance affects the way we are treated by the world. And that goes for both sexes.)

Whenever possible, I put on make-up in daylight. Therefore the station needs to be in front of/next to a window.

There is a door leading to the upstairs balcony right next to my make-up table, so I built storage space for slippers as well. Now they´re not in sight all the time, and it´s easier to vacuum the floors.

Not a pretty sight inside, but so important in use, that I want to show this too. Hidden from the eye are electric extension cords, trash bag, and tissue/toilet paper for cleaning make-up brushes.

The mirror is from a vintage make-up table I had before. It was pretty, but too small and not handy. I saved the mirror, and placed it over the ugly (but necessary) air conditioner we have in our bedroom. The lamps are located at an ideal 45 degree angle above my face, to shine light nicely when I do my beautifying in the mornings ( this face does need a lot of work  =).

In the corner there was a nice space to add a cabinet to. Can there ever be too much storage room?

Now I finally have a proper place for all my sewing magazines and patterns!

In the feminine corner of our bedroom I have allowed myself to have a tiny bit of pink. Otherwise I keep it to the minimum, because I always think that if I were a man living in our home, I wouldn´t want too much girlishness around...

  The combination of these cabinets is made of glued wood panels, and attached together with small angle irons. I screwed the cabinets to the wall behind also, to prevent falling (maybe I don´t trust my skills enough yet...).

  Since I´m no expert, and all custom-fit cabinets need to be made by specific measurements to fit the desired space, I can not give detailed instructions. But go see Ana White´s page to learn more about the making of wooden furniture.She has done wonders, and is inspirational!

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