Thursday, March 1, 2012


  For some reason I still got inspired to do some new home decoration for the end of Imbolc. There isn´t that much left, but I thought it would still be nice to add some new touches.
  It started with these kitchen hand towels I found accidentally at Bauhaus, when shopping for lumber. Only I thought that the towels are more suitable for decorative purposes rather than wiping my hands in.

The towels ended up adding an aged touch in my kitchen.

As a tablecloth...

... and as a pillow cover. 

I simply sew two towels together, stuffed in an old pillow...

... and tied the open end with hemp yarn, to make it look like a grain sack. Ordinary pillows are fine, but this look suits better in my kitchen.

Imbolc is the last of my candle-burning sabbats. Soon it will be so light that candles don´t show nicely. I´m enjoying this while it lasts!

As a final touch, I remodeled these flower arrangements above my kitchen island. There used to be one that sat on the table, but this style is easier to keep clean. A very important factor, that saves my energy and nerves.  =)  The containers holding these tulips are big ladles that were once used in an army kitchen.
  Even though I will be turning my gaze towards Oestara in a couple of weeks, it is very nice to get something new and refreshing to sweeten my kitchen for these last bits of Imbolc. It is never too late (or too vain  =) to make your life as beautiful and enjoyable as you can!

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