Tuesday, March 6, 2012


  My latest adventure in crafting is woodwork. I often admire custom-made furniture, especially cupboards and cabinets, in magazine pictures showing off beautiful homes. Needless to say, I also love home decorating. Never could I afford to have a carpenter make custom-fit furniture for my home, no matter how beautiful and clever their work is. So I needed to try it myself of course!

  This is my first attempt ever; a cupboard to solve the storage problem in our tiny upstairs bathroom.

This restroom is mainly for nightly visits... The toilet is a "dry toilet", meaning it doesn´t recquire water to function. We wanted to minimize the risk of water leaks in our house, and chose this type of bowl instead. It has a fan, which keeps the odors away and runs with low power, and a plumbing pipe, which is connected to the normal piping. Works well, with no risks!
The spot behind a toilet bowl is usually a waste of space. Placing a cupboard is the only reasonable way to go, and it also mounts the toilet into the room nicely, not making it the center piece of the entire room. (I´d rather focus on something more appealing than a toilet bowl!  =)

In here will go my beauty products and morning drink: a cup of water with lemon juice (it won´t have dust land on the surface anymore!). There is still lots of extra space for future needs.

Spare trash bags, a proper place to hang a trashbag, and extra toilet paper. All in the right places, made just for them!

It´s all in the details. Lacing the edge of the top gives the whole bathroom a more romantic look.

Doorknobs are very important! They define the look you want to achieve. Here I wanted to create a rustic feeling, in respect of the original part of our house built in 1830.

   I can´t give specific instructions to make this model, because all spaces and needs are different. Just grab a paper and pencil, and start sketching away! Don´t worry about the details of making it all come true.  The idea and design are the most important things, and there are usually ways to get around challenges, should you face any in the making!
  Again, surf the net for woodworking instructions. An excellent place to start is Ana White ´s page! 
Have fun learning! I sure did, and am sure this won´t be my last project with wood!

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