Friday, May 3, 2013


  There I was, on a walk this spring, with my thoughts flying freely, when I came up with a new word: ragshion. That´s what I would call my creations using old clothes, rags, to make new ones. An old invention but a new word for it. Or so I thought, for I had never come across it before. I was really happy and satisfied with my invention.
  When I got home, I even Googled the word to make sure it hadn´t yet been discovered. No, nothing in the means I would use it for.

  But last week I saw someone on tv being titled as "trashionista". Darn, there went my original, unique (or so I thought) new word. Nah, not quite the same, but very similar. This trashionista made new stuff from old everything, I only use old rags to make new clothes. That is the difference between those two words.
  I should have known, nothing in this world is something someone else would not have at least thought of before. There are so many of us. Oh well, despite all that I will proudly start using "my" new word.

  Under the new title, here is my first project of ragshion:

The material. Now, this is tryly an embarrasing moment to confess, that I have actually worn those ugly brown sweatpants for about seven years! Please forgive me, I only used them as pajama pants. I bought them from a market at a time when I didn´t have time to make myself sleepwear. At first they were okay, but after a few washes, they started to expand like a mushroom in rain. But now it is bye-bye ugly pants! The top is my husband´s. He got it for Christmas, and it is way too large for him. I waited until now to see if he´d wear it, but it didn´t happen. It´s time for these two pieces to make themselves useful again.

This is the main project, a fleece jacket for my son. He is so big already that his clothes take up quite a bit of fabric too, and it is not as easy to find material anymore. I cut out the pieces needed for this, and of what is left still, I will make something else later.

I wanted to take advantage of the print in the original piece. This is something I can´t do on fleece myself, and it gives the jacket a more professional look.

The back is simple, with only a few additional seams showing it is made from recycled rags.

Stitching in contrast color gives the impression of a more detailed work, and binds the two different fabrics together better. All in all, I think these two colors work well together, one cheering up, and the other toning down the whole.

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