Thursday, May 30, 2013


  After making the outfit for a rainy day for Beltane, I still had a quite big piece of the fabric left. What else am I to do than make a matching outfit for my little girl?

 A classic combination of colors for Beltane in Nelland; green and pink. The pattern is simple with kimono-like sleeves. Since the fabric is full of holes, I used a double layer of it to keep from showing through. Quick and easy! (I need to say it again, that the green in the dress is brighter in real life. For some reason my camera has trouble catching it´s real hue.)

A little girl´s life should be happy and energetic. Therefore I couldn´t resist adding this bright pink bow. After all, she doesn´t have the opportunity to cheer up this outfit by jewelry and makeup, like I do mine. Not yet.
I neatened the hem by zig-zagging the edges while pulling the fabric to it´s limits. It makes a pretty ruffle, and a nice change.

  I find rainy days quite depressive actually. But since they are a part of life, and the nature needs them, I might as well adapt and make the most of them!

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