Tuesday, May 21, 2013


  A healthy, non-fattening version of it, naturally... =)
  Eat as much as you desire, no need to feel guilty!

I figure I use up all of the energy I eat for breakfast during the day. So there is no need to hold myself back for seconds, or thirds.

Initially I meant to serve the pie with a dollop of plain soy yogurt and a swirl of honey, but I found that my son had eaten all of our yogurt! So I had to improvise. This one is topped with home-made apple sauce and shreads of coconut. Really yummy like this too.

  Rhubarb is the first produce from my garden (if you don´t count the stinging nettle, which manages to grow there  every year =).  I don´t mind the sour taste, it just needs a little something to tame it. Some sweetener and soy products do the trick.

  The recipe:

5 dl whole grain wheat flour
2 tsp baking powder
2 Tbsp soy flour
3 Tbsp water
1 dl sugar
2 dl orange juice
2 dl oat bran
on top: about 5 dl chopped rhubarb and sugar

+ Mix the dry ingredients. Mix the wet ingredients. Combine the two mixtures. Spread on a baking sheet covered oven tray, and sprinkle the rhubarb and little sugar on top.
  Bake at 200 Celsius for about 30 minutes.
  Serve with plain soy yogurt and honey on top.

  Have an energetic day!

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