Friday, May 31, 2013


  Once again I had a leftover piece of fabric lying around, waiting to be useful. It was that from my Freedom Collection´s  t-shirt w/ a frill neckline. Here is what I made of it:

This dress is super easy to make, just slab two pieces together and neaten the edges. I might say that summery hot days have surprised me this year by arriving so early, so I´m not yet well prepared when it comes to my girl´s wardrobe. So I´m more than happy to slam this quick project together for her in no time!

This dress just screamed for a detail. But I wanted to keep it m, not breaking the harmony. And since I have a bag of these little bows in my drawer, why not use them? It adds a welcomed bit of girlyness to the dress.

The fabric is knit but airy and light. And very soft and comfortable.
  Bring on the warm summer days, we´re ready now!

P.S. You can find a similar (cheap) pattern for the dress here, if interested.

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