Tuesday, April 30, 2013


  Finally I took the time to make this:

A small handbag that fits the most important stuff in it: keys, wallet, phone, lipbalm, and a couple of cloth shopping bags (which I always take to the grocery store with me). Until now I´ve dragged along my big backpack everywhere. But now I can leave it in the car while I hop into the shop. And life is so much lighter!
This is the first one I have made, ever. Because it belongs to the Freedom Collection, I kept it very simple. I want the bag to remain an accessory, not become the center piece of the outfit.

The lining is actually the only decorative part. I used my last piece of Tilda´s crafty cotton I bought about four years ago. Even the smallest bits are useful, and worth saving for the future. Originally I thought about making the whole lining from the same fabric, but I didn´t have enough! So I figured using the same denim on the inside, as on the outside, would be the second best choise. And now, when finished, I can say that it looks more interesting this way!
This denim fabric came from my husband´s old jeans. He donates his old clothes to me, and I try to turn them into something else useful.

Simple and practical - like the Freedom wear overall - two snap buttons keep the bag closed. Minimalistic and a tad modern even, to my standards anyway...
  I was fooled by the supposedly small size of this bag at first. But when on a day-long trip with my son´s class last week, I noticed just how much stuff can actually fit in it! I had the usual: keys, phone, lipbalm, and wallet, plus extras: a banana, packet of tissues, makeup, camera, a brochure of a science park, and more keys. It was quite hard to find what I needed among all the clutter in the end!
  A handy little thing!

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