Thursday, May 16, 2013


  This little dress is just made to be worn by the beautiful, deep blue sea, glistening in sunlight.

The dress simply matches with the scenery, and creates harmony to the eye.

Dancing out of joy! I´m on a mini-holiday, a long weekend at our summer cabin. The place is magical. The perfect getaway.

The modest person in me told me to make the neckhole smaller than in the original pattern. I did that by adding a piece of the same fabric as the dress itself, but using the reverse side to create contrast. An easy little trick to use for those of us, who don´t own a fabric factory, ready to spit out any kind of material we would like... A little lace and decorative, mismatch, off-white buttons to give the garment femininity and steer it away from the usual marine-look.

White stitches give the dress a subtle contrast, and brightens it up.

This fabric was a real find. It is stretchy yet firm, warm, soft, and very breathable (and can tolerate hard wear and hot washes, as I have noticed with my little girl´s pants that I made from the leftover piece of this fabric =).

   The best accessory to go with this dress is warm sunlight!

  P.S. This dress is made using the same pattern as The Little Grey Dress in my Freedom- collection.When I find a good, fitting, pattern, I stick to it tightly. One pattern turns into numerous different looks by choosing different fabrics and accessories.

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