Tuesday, May 7, 2013


  Today was the first summery day of Beltane. Now I believe summer is just around the corner!

I´m no sunbather, but after such a long winter like this past one, I couldn´t resist throwing my clothes off to get some sunlight!  I´m in my veggie garden. Since I can enjoy the weather virtually naked there, perhaps the seeds I´m going to plant this year wouldn´t freeze themselves either...Clearly time to do a little sowing shortly.

The temperature rose up to 18 Celsius, and when it wasn´t blowing, it felt like a hot summer day!

The first flowers have awoken in nature. Lovely.

It seems there is life in my strawberry patch as well. Yipee!

Rhubarb is also lifting it´s head. Shouldn´t be long before I can collect the first stalks!

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