Saturday, May 4, 2013


  The time has come to enjoy new baby wild edible greens, fresh from the ground. It feels unbelievable that Mother Nature starts to nourish us with super vitamins and minerals directly after the snow has melted. Let´s take advantage of it!

Goutweed starts my harvesting season. Since it is impossible to get rid of in the garden, I might as well make it useful. And it is actually really pretty when blooming.

The power of nature is unbelievable. Here they are, sprouting vigorously from the ground, making their way through the old dry leaves from last summer. Only two weeks ago this place was still covered in snow!

So beautiful. The only thing missing is a symphony playing.

My mom taught me once to chop up herbs like this, in a mug with scissors. This is the easiest, and least messy way. Mom´s rue!

In the goutweed went. This is a regular side salad with lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumber seasoned with salt, pepper, and white vinegar. A classic I learned to love in my teens.

 From now on I will be adding minced wild greens to pretty much all of my lunches. I´d be a fool not to! It is free and doesn´t come more healthy than this.

 To our health!

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