Thursday, May 23, 2013


  Sometimes it rains, even on Beltane. On those days I want to tone down my use of colors, and go with a more subtle choice.

  I made this outfit exactly for those wet days:

The tunic is new. The pants and shoes I have had for years, so I was able to custom-make the top for them. Handy! The colors in the tunic are actually brighter than they appear in this picture (I don´t know why the camera couldn´t capture them), but still very calm. When combined with brighter green, like earrings and makeup, it comes alive in a new way. Besides the rainy days, this outfit is perfect for the first third of Beltane (in my time perspective approx. mid-April on), because the nature then is still colorless, waiting for greens to lift their heads.

I always have a plan for Sabbat-related clothing. This time I had the material before I sketched it, so it was easy to do. I love adding the makeup to the sketch. At this point I rarely have the jewelry yet, I usually make the clothes first, and then see what to do with the accessories.
The fabric is swimsuit-like, slippery, and fluid. It has holes in it, so ,as a conservative person, I added a built-in nude sleeveless shirt under it. Which, by the way, I made of an old petticoat I had in my stash. Makeup is also brighter in real-life than in this picture, but you can see it well in the sketch. The eyes are bright green with eyeshadow, while the rest of the face is kept nude.

A tiny detail I just had to add! A frog pin I have had for years. This kind of neckhole doesn´t leave room for necklace, but a crawling frog, which at the same time holds the drooping fabric better in place, works well in it´s tinyness. And brings up smiles on people´s faces when they notice it. =)
I have a weird love of frogs! We have toads in our yard, and I find them absolutely cute. It makes the lawn mowing harder though. I pick up every single one I can find and move them to a safer place.Once, in my teens, I accidentally mowed over a fully grown frog. The blades chopped off some parts of the poor little frog, but it didn´t die. How sad, and unfair for him! So I had to kill it properly, and end it´s suffering. And am still clearly traumatized by it...

  This tunic is the first in it´s kind I have made. I changed the front piece to this "waterfall" necklined version. Otherwise the pattern is the same I have used before, like for the Easter Bunny or the Cottage Look . My favorite tunic shape, a t-shirt combined to a mini skirt. With most tunics the waistline is completely hidden, creating a sack effect. I like the hourglass figure in a woman, and I think that is the key to looking feminine. You know, what separates us from men. Let´s embrace it!

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