Monday, May 13, 2013


  When at our summer cabin, I want to wear clothes that suit the life there the best. Naturally. Both the scenery, and activities.
  The cabin is located on a tiny island right off the coast. I´ve always been fascinated by the sea, and felt at ease and at home when by it. Now I´m incredibly lucky to own a little hideaway place right in it´s arms.
  The most important thing to do, when spending time at the cabin, is to relax. Do anything that takes my thoughts off the usual everyday life at home (which I love too, but a change is always welcome). Often it includes boating, swimming of course, eating out (literally =), sitting and just adoring the scenery, some yard work I choose to do, and playing with my kids. Minimum cooking and cleaning, please!

  To be able to concentrate in all the fun, I need clothes that give me a peace of mind. Clothes that allow me to move around freely, not even noticing I´m wearing them. Clothes that look like they belong there, and add to the beauty of nature there. It took a while to understand what the ideal beauty of that place meant to me, but now it has clarified. I want to create a feeling of the old(er) times, when men and women rowed around in small wooden boats, fishing for living. Like my great-grandfather did (okay, he had a motor in his boat, but still =).

  This outfit is the first one I have made in the spirit of our marvelous getaway place, a cabin  by the sea:

A sleeveless tunic with leggings. Sleeveless because then it is easy to match with any temperature. Either wear it alone like this, or add a cardigan over it if chilly. The top is attatched to the mini skirt in order of the skirt to stay in place (I find regular skirts nice, but difficult to wear because they tend to twist around). Leggings are easy to wear, they don´t drag in the ground when I walk with flip-flops on, or flutter in the wind.

A cotton lace finishes the look in the hem. I wanted to add a bit of delicate femininity, although I don´t find there being a lot of room for it in this collection.
The top part I made from a sports fabric, which removes any excess moisture from the skin. I trimmed the neck- and sleeve holes with the reverse side of the same fabric. And buttons again, of course, add slight detail.
Pssst... don´t tell anyone, but here´s my little secret: I choose not to wear a bra when relaxing at sea. It feels so liberating! A true holiday. Also I want to comfort my fellow sisters with itsy bitsy boobs, that we are lucky not having to carry that load around with us! I know some women who even have to sleep with a bra on. I´m not sure I could tolerate that... Small boobs have never been a problem to me, on the contrary! I love the freedom they give me when moving, and in my opinion having a small chest also makes one´s overall appearance more youthful. So worry not sisters, we are beautiful regardless of our cup size!
It is breathtaking to wake up to this view.
This sailing ship cruises regularly in the waters of our cabin. It is a replica of an old ship, and was built using traditional old methods. A true pleaser to the eye. (My non-impressive-snapshot-camera couldn´t zoom in closer to it, sorry.  =)

This cute little fellow lives under the rocks at our shore.

Sunsets are always a humbling sight.

  The nature here is so strongly dominated with the presence of water, that the colors of nature don´t seem to change that much during the course of the year. Therefore the same colors in clothes go well here year-round. Blue, grey, and white. Handy!

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