Tuesday, May 14, 2013


  The secret to a successful everyday wear of skirts and dresses is pantaloons. I never knew this when growing up, so I found skirts difficult and unpractical. What a waste of time!

  These days I always wear pantaloons underneath all of my dresses and skirts. They can be ankle- or knee-length, depending on the temperature outside.

  The word itself, pantaloon, could be translated to modern English by saying "leggings". I never wear leggings as pants (I think they look like long johns =), so I refer to pantaloons when worn underneath a dress/skirt. They are an old invention, but to me this modern version came about ten years ago. And it opened a whole new world of dressing to me.

  These pantaloons are the latest ones I have made, for my Pure Nelland- collection:

This picture is an exception to my very strict rule of never showing myself in public in leggings alone! I just want to show what the pants are like as a whole. They end right at the most narrow part of my knee. The pants are made of swimwear-like fabric, and are very stretchy to all directions. Thus extremely comfortable. I find I´m fond of fabrics with print or pattern on it, and I was glad to find this one.

Even at home it can be risky not having pantaloons on. Here I am picking wild greens in our back yard. Can you see the risk, what if I didn´t have the pants on...? I want to protect the neighbors from an obscene sight.

Innocent, but very dangerous business without modesty pants! Oh, and yes, modest I am!

Even something as simple as ordinary relaxing would be a problem without pantaloons. Or sitting on a chair, if your dress was on the shorter side. Or getting out of a car. Or lacing up shoes. Or picking up a dime from the ground... The list is endless.

   So as you can see, the modern pantaloons wipe away all of  my worries about wearing dresses and skirts!

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