Sunday, May 5, 2013


  After making the fleece jacket for my son, there were still some pieces of the old rags left. Especially from my old pants.
  I scratched my head a while, and then made my little girl these pants:

Like a miniatyre of my old ones, but these are cute! The fabric is of good quality, and I expect these pants to stay in good condition in her use.

I added the knee patches before they are actually needed. =)  And needed they will be, sooner or later... The fabric is a leftover piece of Tilda´s basic cotton I have had for several years. Glad I stashed it!

The back of the pants reveal that they are made of recycled rags. The extra seams give them away, but when looking at it, I think they are more stylish with the seams. They add character and detail, and make the pants more unique.

Top stitching in contrast color makes them more fun and relaxed.
  I am satisfied now. Once again a piece of clothing I didn´t have to buy from the stores, thus helping reduce consumption!

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