Monday, January 2, 2012


  Nailpolish is wonderful! What a difference it makes to apply just a coat of clear polish to my nails, as opposed to undone ones. But... others say everything we put on our skin, and nails, is partially absorbed into our bloodstream and thus to our bodies. This is especially concerning to me now that I´m expecting.
  But I do love to have pretty hands and nails! So what to do in this controversy? Well, I´ve come to a compromise, made the ends meet in the middle. I use nailpolish only in parts of my nails! Like this:

This was a cold day, so my fingertips turned red in a flash. But I wanted to show what natural environment this color choice was meant for.

A close-up reveals the truth about the simplicity of  this decoration: only drops of nailpolish is needed to create the well cared for look! Easy to do, lasts longer than the usual way of applying polish all over the nails, and is quick to fix if part of a color spot should chip off in the middle of the week!  No clear nailpolish is needed to protect the drops of color, they will stay on well without it (plus the clear coat would ruin the idea of preventing chemicals from absorbing into my body as much).

Toenails also need to be pretty! Some people hate toes, and even find them repulsive (and I´m sure there are tons of disgusting toes in the world!), but by taking care of toes makes them as cute as fingers. A home made pedicure and some nice nailpolish keeps my toes in a show-off shape. It´s just a shame that in winter flip flops aren´t the best alternative for shoes, and pretty toenails will not show... But at least I know they are well cared for and therefore they make me feel good!

   The colors, dark blue and silver, are the key colors of my second half of Yule time (past New Year). I have used this method for several years now, and found it very useful in a busy life - now I have more time for something else and still don´t have to give up looking good!
  Highly recommendable!

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