Monday, January 30, 2012


  I´m a big lover of sweets. I balance my diet by eating healthy proper foods and indulging in rich, sweet, desserts. It´s the big picture that counts, right?  =)

  I often find it hard to stop eating, say, a big bar of chocolate (which is my absolute favorite), before the whole package is gone. It feels like my body can´t get enough. Of course it is the sugar in it that makes me act that way, plus the fact that there is hardly any nutrition in chocolate. And I mean ordinary, store-bought milk chocolate.

  But what about raw-food chocolates? They have certainly been said to be even healthy, but definitely better for you than milk chocolate.
  I have bought a small bar of raw chocolate at health food stores a few times, and must say, have been disappointed. Maybe because I don´t like dark chocolate that much over all, and these have certainly been dark to my taste. And expensive too.
  Okay, then I tried to make some myself at home. It took more than just one try to find a recipe that made the end result be soft, sweet enough, yet chocolaty. But I did find it, and I want to share it with all you chocolate lovers out there!

  This recipe is from Matthew Kenney´s book "everyday raw" , just the filling for the chocolate hazelnut tart. I only craved for chocolate itself, not in a tart-mode, so I left that part out. But my oh my was this good!

1,5 cups cashews, soaked
0,5 cup + 2 tablespoons water
0,5 + 2 tablespoons agave
0,5 cup coconut oil, melted
0,5 teaspoon vanilla extract
0,25 teaspoon sea salt
1 cup + 2 tablespoons cocoa powder
0,75 teaspoon hazelnut extract

+Blend all ingredients until very smooth.

  I didn´t use as much cocoa powder as the recipe calls for, I added little by little, until it tasted perfect. Also I didn´t have the hazelnut extract, but it turned out brilliant without it too.
   This recipe makes about half a liter, but the amazing thing is, that it is so satisfying, I can´t eat very much of it at one sitting! I made this jarful on Saturday, and I still have almost half of it left! How cool is that?!

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