Monday, January 9, 2012


  It is time to start preparing for the arrival of my baby! I am due in mid March, but there is so much to do before that, so I better get started.
  The first, and most important thing I need to do is make diaper cover panties. I have all my thumbs up for washable, reusable, cloth diapers! I had those for my first baby as well, seven years ago, and I am going to use the same ones with my second baby. But what I do want to do different this time is the covering pants.
  Seven years ago there weren´t many choices available with the pants. Back then I went with woollen pants to cover the outer clothes from getting wet. Well, they did work, but the whole package around the tiny little butt was ridiculously big! Nowadays there are nice thin fabrics lined with some plastic type of material (is it polyurethan- based?) to make the covering diaper of. But again, I hesitate using another diaper-shaped cover over the actual nappy, because I´m thinking it will enlarge the package unnecessarily much. So what I decided to go for and try is regularly shaped, puffed panties, made of modern diaper cover fabric. This way I hope to achieve the thinnest, smallest, and most comfortable cloth diaper package for my baby.

  Finding a pattern wasn´t very easy, but I did come up with three different models. At this point it is difficult to figure which is the best, since I yet have no baby to try them on to. So I made a sample of all of them, and will decide later which is my favorite and best.
  Here are all of the models:

The color looks wild now, in the middle of the winter, but these will come in use in spring time, when fresh green is everywhere.


The material is 100% cotton, lined with PU. At the waist I folded the edge inside, so that the part that touches baby´s belly above the nappy is cotton, not plastic. It is the same thing with legholes.

  A closer look at the legholes shows the real difference these panties have. Otherwise they are pretty much alike, the waistline raising just above the nappy. Size in all of these is for 62 cm tall babies (smaller ones wouldn´t fit the nappy in).

Presumably the best-working model. The pattern is actually for shorts, of which I simply shortened the legs.

These simply have to be tried, because the pattern is for actual baby panties. But I am concerned about wet diaper cloth showing from the legholes...

These look like they would hold in a ton of baby poop! But maybe the legholes are in an odd place...

  The diapers themselves I will use are  Snug-To-Fit one-size-fits-all ones. The link takes you to one of the internet based sellers, but I have´t bought mine from them. They present the diaper well in their pages, and you can get a good look at the product.
  My firstborn learned to potty well before his second birthday, and right after the birthday he was dry at nights also. I do believe I can partly thank these cloth diapers for the early dryness.
  I found Snug-To-Fits working well, through all sizes, and loath the general marketing idea of selling S, M, and L sized diapers separately. That just works against the overall idea of reducing consumption!

  I believe I am all set for the war against baby waste material!

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