Tuesday, January 24, 2012


  I took a round at shops the other day to check out what kind of clothing is available for babies nowadays. Well, not much has changed in 7-8 years, since the last time I needed that stuff. There is more variation in colors and patterns, especially unisex colors have increased - thank goodness. But the basic shirts and pants still rule the shelves. But I want rompers, all-in-one suits!
  So I made a piece #2 myself:

A genuine farmer´s daughter- outfit. We´re not farmers, but we live in the countryside, where this type of dress suits perfectly. Apron and all, I can´t wait to have my baby wear this cutie (unless she turns out to be a boy =).

Details make a small garment pop and become more than just a piece of clothing, they give it character. Adding even a tiny touch up will enliven a plain dress.
There is plenty of room to fit the cloth diapers in these pants. To make this romper look right, the pants need to be of different fabric than the dress part.

I want to make an outfit be as polished on the back side as on the front. This just wouldn´t be finished without the bow in the back, although it has nothing to do with really tying the apron..

  Once again, I used scrap pieces of fabric to make this dress/romper. The edges are trimmed with strips I cut out of a worn out light blue pillow cover!
  The pattern is basically the same one I used to make the #1 romper,  the bunny-suit, but I only drew and added the skirt and apron on top of the basic romper. Changing the fabric makes the world of a difference in the style of this dress.
  I´m sure this won´t be the last one I make with this pattern!

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