Friday, January 20, 2012


  Home should also reflect the time of year we are living. By now all the Yule decoration, and lights, have come down and it´s high time to put up new ones. I used to feel sad when the time came to take down Christmas deco, but not anymore! I just replace them with Imbolc ones. So there is no emptiness in the house, and places look as pretty as they did at Christmas, only with a different style.

This is seen when first entering my home, hanging on the garage doors.
The same wreath hangs here all year round, decorations change. This moss I installed in the fall, and has preserved well during the winter. Only the snowflake is different from the Yule-look, but creates a whole different mood.

On the porch I have old milk churns acting as pillars/vases for changing seasonal plants. Mixing old things with natural material and a hint of something new is my thing!

Unbelievably beautiful frosting! Looks like sugar  coating actually.  =)

This is what greets you when you enter the house in the hall way.

Still with a touch of Yule style, I coated these paper-mache balls with strips of old book sheets. They give me an idea of old snowballs, which go well with the theme of Imbolc.

Kitchen table always needs a seasonal arrangement! This time of year there is not much going on outside in the nature, so I want to keep things simple in the house as well.

Two simple snow bells arise from the middle of dried moss, as if showing us we are slowly moving towards spring time.

Candles are a necessity in making an Imbolc look. Here placed safely in a crystal chalice, which beautifully reflects it´s flickering light.

In my kitchen there is only one real window. On one hand I want to let all the possible light to shine in, and on the other, I want to place some nice decoration to it to make the most of it. This time I arranged some small flowers in an old cake pan. I love using old cookware in decorational purposes in the kitchen.

  With these changes made around the house, I enjoy Imbolc at Nelland. The whole place feels updated, refreshed, and uplifted! No weeping after what was left behind, rather looking forward with a sparkle in my eye!

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