Thursday, January 19, 2012


  Designing make up for each look is as important as the clothes and accessories used. Here is my make up design for Imbolc´s look with a white shirt and baby blue pants.

Light blue in the lids is used heavily to give the look some edge. In contrast everything else is done very mildly, almost nude.

When playing with strong colors it is easy to go overboard, and end up looking like a h ... well, less ladylike!

1. Cheeks: Apply nude beige blush (somewhat darker than your own skin), to create a shadow under your cheekbone, and lift up the color a bit onto the cheekbone too, to give it some warmth.

2. Brows: Brushed up and outward, then filled in with a suitable natural color to create a maximized beautiful arch.

3. Eyes: Apply light baby blue eyeshadow all over the moving lid and into the crease, fading towards browbone. Apply the same color mildly on the lower lid also. To make your eyes look bigger and darker, accentuate the outer third of the upper lid with darkish grey eyeshadow, again, fading carefully outwards.
  Curl the lashes and add a coat of mascara (I always use black).

4. Lips: Only transparent, glittering lipgloss is needed. There is so much going on with the eyes, that the lips need to be more natural, but still luscious.

Now you´re ready to dazzle and take over the world, with style!!!

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