Thursday, January 12, 2012


  I have made the very first piece of clothing for my coming baby: a romper. The baby will most likely to be a she, so I´m designing for a her. (But if she turns out to be a he, then I´ll just give these clothes to a friend who will have a baby girl in the years to come...)
  I think a romper is the only reasonable piece of clothing for a baby. Separate  shirt and pants are just plain difficult, and will curl up in the baby´s armpits when constantly lifted up and down, and from side to side in your arms. Not to mention dresses and skirts on baby girls!
  My baby will be born before Easter this year, so I wanted to create something to go with that theme. Here is my version of the Easter Bunny:

To get this pattern, I had to combine two different, already existing ones. I also divided the torso in two to make it look more like a separate shirt and pants. But it´s all in one piece.

Again, the garment is made of recycled fabric, leftover pieces, all except the shirt part.

The bunny turned out much better than I even expected!

I don´t want to go overboard with ordinary pink cuteness, but I think this delicate bow gives a nice finishing touch.

The theme has to show in the back as well.

A flat bunny tail made of the softest wool fur. I had to keep in mind that the details do have to stay flat, since a lump in the back or front would be most uncomfortable!
  Easter is located in the sabbat Oestara in pagan wheel-of-the year perspective. Oestara is more than just Easter, but more about that later on. Now I just have to look forward a bit, in order to be ready for the big day!

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