Tuesday, January 31, 2012


  My goddaughter turned six recently. She is a little princess, who already has everything imaginable a little miss might desire. So what to give her? Why is it always as difficult?!
  Years ago I got a tip to give adults something you can eat, drink, or burn. That is goodies, wine, or candles. Why not flowers too. Something that  will be used and won´t add up to a bulk of clutter we all have lying around in our house. But to a six-year-old... maybe goodies would do.

  Then I remembered my sister´s recent birthday, and I decided to use the same trick for my goddaughter! A personalized little wreath of cloth letters spelling her first name, matched to the color scheme in her room.

Why do most little girls like pink? That was the only wish I got from her, that the present would be pink...

I drew simple patterns of letters straight into the fabric, sew along the lines, turned, and stuffed with polyester fiber from an old pillow.

A second color needed to be added here, otherwise it would have looked boring. She has green in her room, so it was a natural choice for this one too. It freshens up the whole look!

It is important to find different ways to decorate the letters, especially now that they are all made of the same fabric.

Some continuity is still a neat trick in itself.

  At this time of year I always dig up my  diy Tilda- books by Tone Finnanger. She is an incredible crafter, and has created a very girlish style for home decor. The main colors used in her work are all pastel, and I think that´s why I tune in with her idea at Imbolc. In big quantities her style is way too girlish for me, but I like to add little touches of it here and there in our bedrooms.

  These fabric letters are not from Tilda, but they go well with her theme (with excess cuteness rubbed off  =). I imagined this wreath to be hung between Alina´s bed posts. Her mother has styled her room with old fashioned items, like her bed, and the plaid pattern goes perfectly with the theme.
  Alina herself loves pink, naturally, so I needed to include it as well. Green is the other dominating color in her room, and I think this look suited the entity perfectly.

  I also ended up adding a nice potted, blooming plant to her present. She was all smiles when she got her package (although,  I must say, she was probably most happy about the marshmallows in it - but when she grows she will appreciate these little things very differently! I hope...).
  Happy birthday Alina! 

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