Thursday, January 5, 2012


  It´s my sister´s birthday! I´m always amazed by how quickly it hits after the holidays, and am usually on the move very late with the present...

  This time - truth be told - I didn´t even have time to go to the shops to get material. Shame on me! But nevertheless,  I´m very proud of what I conjured up from scrap material! 

"Riepu" is her nickname, which we came up with as teens ( not so long ago =).

A piece of fabric I once got from my Granny, years ago. She had had it since the 60´s...

A piece of fake fur, left over three years ago when I made a shirt out of it.

Another old gift from Granny; tablecloth. I wouldn´t be surprised if this one timed back to the Second World War!

The idea was to make every letter out of different fabric, but I just love this one so much, I went double with it!

A piece of bed sheet turned into bathroom curtain. Things aren´t always as they seem, the world is full of possibilities!

 Happy birthday, dear sister!

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