Thursday, January 5, 2012


  This Yule I declare rum-raisin as the official taste of New Year´s! I´ve loved the taste since I was a child, but have not so far even thought of making anything tasting like it myself. I wonder why...
  So rum-raisin it is, my current favorite in desserts! So far I´ve only tasted it in ice creams, but I wanted to create something new to make at home. I find non-frozen foods tasting better/having more flavor than frozen ones, so naturally a sweet pudding came into my mind. I still like to preserve the creaminess around the raisins, and not take the road of baking. Here´s the delicacy:

This really turned my New Year´s Eve into an extra special occasion!

   The recipe:

2dl raisins (organic)
0,5dl dark rum
5dl vanilla pudding (vegan)
5dl vanilla yogurt (vegan)
50g dark chocolate, shredded

+ Soak the raisins in rum overnight. Yogurt can be drained overnight in a coffee filter, if desired.
  Mix all, except the excess liquid rum, in a bowl. Taste and add rum according to your tastebuds.
  I´m a lover of sweets, and I didn´t add any more sugar to the pudding than what was already in the ingredients. But if you want, adding powdered sugar will turn this treat ever more delicious!   =)

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