Wednesday, January 11, 2012


  Dark days have been upon us for weeks now, and I must admit, darkness is draining some of my energy. But this morning I whipped up a green smoothie in a bowl, and voil√°, now I´m bursting with energy!

In the pint there is not beer... it is green tea with a little honey. The bowl fits 1/2 liter, so I can say I´m no light eater! =)  Shredded coconut imitates an idea of snow fallen on top. This amount has kept me satisfied for four hours, and counting...

  The recipe:

1 banana
3 kiwis
lettuce/kale (any green leaves)
water/orange juice (if you happen to have fresh citruses)
shredded coconut
sunflower seeds

+ Blend the fruit and greens in a blender with some water/juice. Be careful with the amount of liquid you use, so the mixture won´t get too runny and thus difficult to spoon. Top with coconut and seeds.
  Enjoy the energy!

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