Friday, December 23, 2011


  Here is my sewing corner. This is where a lot comes to be, and where I spend - the truth be told - a lot of my free time.

Humbly in the corner of our bedroom. But the good thing is, that I can leave the sewing machine there on the table each time after finishing! That means a lot of time and nerves saved.

There is not a ton of space, but enough for my little crafting desires. And I have stored everything I need in the cabinets around. I´m a lazy cleaner (especially I hate doing windows and dusting ), so I try to keep things simple and easy by reducing the amount of clutter laying around.

I can still fit well in with my ever growing baby belly.
  This time I am making the last-minute Christmas present, to my husband. Not that he is not important, but it seems like the least harmful place to be late with giving a present...
  Here´s what I made ( and did finish before Christmas! ).

Aching and up tight muscles in the shoulders are the problem I hope this t-shirt will alleviate. Heat seems to help, so I made the torso part from thick, soft, very warm, polar fleece fabric. My personal favorite in the cold season.

Men and boys need to have some detail added to their, otherwise so plain, clothing.

Personalizing diy-gifts to the recipient´s name, hobbies, likings, or anything you can think of, makes the present (and the receiver) feel special!

  Merry Christmas everyone!

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