Friday, January 27, 2012


  Not everything in Nelland is sabbat-related. In my home I have different styles in different rooms, making the house more interesting to live in. Plus I like many different looks and styles, I couldn´t just pick one and ignore the rest!
  The styles are probably forever, but I like to change little details every now and then, like trying to achieve perfection (which is of course impossible =). With sabbat-related-decorations I focus on the entry hall of the house, and the kitchen, because those places are mostly used. Especially I think it´s important that the hallway has a touch of the season´s look, to create a proper mood when first entering home and last leaving it. Beautiful things, even how small, lift up my spirits, and that is certainly what one´s home should do!
  But the rest of the house lives a life of it´s own, not dressed in sabbats that much, if any.

  Here is my living room. It faces South, thus I wanted to maximize the effect of sun and warmth. Summer is my favorite season of the whole year, and it deserves an exaggerated place in my house. Looking South from up North, where I live, lies the Mediterranean Sea. I love the relaxed and holidayish way of living there, and wanted to bring a bit of it into my home.

This is the view when entering the living room, or the other corner of it. The bar table still is a work in process, but it serves it´s purpose perfectly already. A good example of my forever staying things are the curtains, sofas, and the cabinet in the corner. I have had those always. Another good way to reduce consumption - decide what you like and stick with it!

Mirrors are an important element. They bring light and create a sense of space where needed. Here I´m working slowly towards a more bar-like look and function, but it is till in process. (We have built our house ourselves, by hand, and haven´t yet fully finished. Thus the floor molding is still missing...)

This is an essential part of my Mediterranean world! I have cunningly placed the fruit basket in front of the tv, in hopes of us snacking on these, instead of junk, when watching it. And it does work well by the way!
My love for old things shows around the house. I don´t know how I initially ended up gathering this small collection of bottles, but they add a nice touch here.

Another corner of the living room. I try to keep the basics in the house rather simple, so that life can easily fit in. Especially I enjoy empty table tops!
During cold seasons I always eat my breakfast here. In the summer I go outside.

This aquarium without water is the centerpiece of this corner of the room. I love water as an element, and I used to have the real one here, but found it to be too much work carrying the water buckets across the entire house when cleaning it up. So I moved the real aquarium to our bathroom, and replaced it with this, a much friendlier version, which still does the trick.

More than anything, life should be fun! This is one example how I try to generate fun and relaxed happiness around me. We don´t need to take everything so seriously!

  As with everything I design, create, and make, I don´t follow set guidelines, but go with the vision I have in my own head. Why do something that has already been made before? You can see that the living room is not purely Mediterranean, there are other elements in it as well. I get inspiration from everything imaginable, even my dreams sometimes! But I feel like the big lines I have in my visions, come from further away in my life, like they have been built up there by themselves, without my own notice. That is the source I cave into to come up with general ideas, then perfecting them with smaller details and tricks.
  I encourage everyone to do their own thing too. It is highly rewarding to see your own visions come together and alive! Not only in home decor, but in everything from cooking to career choices. 
  Long live creativity!

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