Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Today is Imbolc! February the 1st is right between the darkest day of the year, and spring equinox, which for me marks the beginning of spring. Happy sabbat to all!

  To celebrate this beginning-of-spring-day I made a delicious healthy drink with my juicer. The increasing light at Imbolc always makes me eager to cleanse my body after the dark days of winter. What better way to do that than by pressing cleansing fresh juices at home, straight from fruits and veggies?
  I will drink freshly squeezed juice for spring, daily, from now on. This will be my spring cleanse, and I shall continue doing so until Ostara (spring equinox/when there is equally light and dark in a day/mid-spring, March 20th this year) approaches.

My daily portion of fresh juice is 5dl. Granny Smith apples are excellent in juices!

Ingredients should vary according to availability and what is in season, so you will not get bored!

  My main ingredients will be carrots, cabbage, beet (which are the only local produce left at this time of year), and cucumber, sweetened by apple and orange juice. (This is when I secretly envy people who live in warm climates, who can have tasty, wonderful, fresh varieties of fruits all year round!  =)  Lovely additions include ginger root, lime, and lemon juice. But anything goes, I will test many varieties, according to what is available and reasonable. 

  There is lots of information on juicing on the net, plus tons of recipes. Go explore and have fun by building your health!
  Bottoms up!

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