Saturday, January 18, 2014


 It is mid-January, and at last wintery weather has arrived here too! Just in time to make tuning in to Imbolc spirit sensible. How I´ve longed to see the sun and clear skies! Although it is inhumanly cold (-4 F / -20 C) I´m still getting loads of energy simply by the sight of this:

Ahh, the sun. Not warming one bit yet, but simply getting this much light feels awesome. This is a small pond right next to ours, and our neighbor was skating here with his five-year-old grandson. Unbelievable that only a week ago this was all just water.

It looked like it was snowing little glittering diamonds.

As often as I can, I take the time to take a close look at snowflakes. They are so beautiful!

Winter´s icy flowers.
  This is my way of celebrating everyday life. Making the little things count. There is something enjoyable in every single day. All I need to do is recognize it!

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