Wednesday, January 15, 2014


  My Freedom Collection bases on denim. Besides pants, denim can be worn in tops too. This time I made a tunic that looks like denim, but is in fact soft and stretchy jersey. Comfortableness comes first!

Here I go with my favorite tunic pattern again... A simple look with no gimmicks. The only trick is in the choice of fabric. From this distance it is not yet obviously denim-like, but when seen up-close, the ocra top-stitching steers the feeling right into the world of pure denim.
This tunic is worn with leggings, so I added an inch (2cm) to the hem to make it more decent...
My designs are often quite streamlined and simple. They give room to and let the focus be on the face, which in my opinion is more important than any piece of clothing. Clothes and style is for us, not vice versa! Therefore I find it important to choose the colors for my garments so that they suit my skin tone. It can be easily checked by placing my hand on top of fabric or any colored surface, and seeing how it makes my skin look. If it is lively, with a warm glow, the color is right. If my hand looks pale and colorless, I should avoid the color. If done in good light, this works every time!
  After making this piece, there was still a generous piece of the fabric left. And that´s what I used to make him his t-shirt. How handy, and green, is that?!

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