Tuesday, January 14, 2014


  I´m designing a wardrobe for my girl (22 months) too. Seven outfits altogether, inspired by the weekdays.
  Now it is time to introduce the latest piece, Wednesday´s look:

A classic combination of a skirt and shirt. The skirt is sewn on to the leggings for an easy wear. Raglan-sleeved shirt is a nice change, and looks a bit more relaxed. I have liked this color combo since as long as I can remember, from the 1980´s. Keeping the outfit simple leaves room for the materials, and looks more stylish.

This furry fabric is super soft and almost too cute! It suits perfectly the upcoming Imbolc time (in Nelland from mid-January to the beginning of March) with it´s sweet pink combined to basic greys.

The skirt is made of slightly stretchy flannel. Soft and warm, and so suitable for winter.

The waistband is made of the same jersey as the leggings, so it stretches enough when pulling the pants/skirt up and down during diaper changes.
  Naturally this outfit can surely be worn also on Saturday, Thursday, or any other day of the week! The idea was to give each outfit it´s own characteristics, a unique personality, and the weekdays are only there to guide and inspire me.  =)

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