Sunday, January 12, 2014


  The holidays are behind us now, and it is time to focus on the usual, everyday life again. Feels good for a change, doesn´t it? To brighten up my everyday life I made something new for my Freedom Collection (which is what I wear most regularly throughout the year). 

  Since having kids I´ve tried to steer clear from white clothing. I´m terrified they might get all dirty and stained, permanently, all the time. But then again, white is such a basic color that my Freedom Collection absolutely needs it. So I made this bat-sleeved sweater, but in off-white just in case. =)

How classic is this (but with a twist in the sleeve section)? White shirt with jeans. It´s like you can´t pretend to be anything you´re not wearing this classic. You are somehow exposed exactly as you are, there are no corners to hide in. The pattern is one of my favorites, and I use it a lot. When kept simple, it suits this collection just as well as any other.

Doesn´t everybody just look great in white?! It brightens up and illuminates the face nicely.

The sleeves are thiiiiiis wide.

Here you can see the fabric more detailed. It is thin and loose, well draping knit. As a material it gives the sweater a very relaxed look, almost rag-like. The makeup in my Freedom Collection is always nearly nude, very natural. Warm soft pink on the cheeks and lips, and a hint of matte ivory on the inner corner of the eyes. On the outer corner I applied matte medium brown, and black mascara on the lashes to give focus to the eyes. Eyebrows are all natural.
   Welcome back, casual everyday life!

P.S. The earrings pictured here are another project of mine, which I will tell more about later. =)

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