Thursday, January 23, 2014


  Cold days demand warm clothing. What a great excuse to make another cute dress for my little princess!

I love this furry fabric! It makes me feel warm (inside and out) to see my girl wear this super-warm dress.  =) Once again, the color is perfect for Imbolc.

I neatened the neck- and sleeve edges with a strip of cotton jersey (the same one I used in her Imbolc Sky- dress). It adds a slight contrast, material wise mostly, and softens the cut edge without bulging.

Blue on blue. The decorative buttons add a nice, finished touch, without standing out too strongly.

The back view. I let the buttons flow here too, as I like detail in the back as well.
As a  cherry on the cake, a heart-shaped button on the neck.
  Happy and warm days!

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