Sunday, January 19, 2014


  Studies show that fasting prevents cancer. Cancer is the #1 killer in my family. My grandmother, of whom I never even got to meet, died at age 40 of stomach cancer. Makes a girl think...

  Well, I´m not going to fast all through Imbolc, but I will try an eased way of eating. There are many different ways of eased fasting out there, but I will try this: eating two liquid meals and one solid one a day. My plan loosely bases on Dr. Alexandro Junger´s Clean Program, but I do a relaxed version of it. I use whatever fresh whole-food ingredients are in season in my fridge. =)

  I will follow a few simple guidelines:

9-10 am: for breakfast a smoothie made of fruit/berries and veggies/greens. (This is a smoothie made with avocado, cucumber, zucchini, garlic, sea salt, and dill.)

1-2 pm: for lunch a regular, solid, vegan meal with green/herbal tea.(For example a quick and easy stir-fry is always in place, accompanied by brown rice.)
5-6 pm: for dinner another smoothie, including a handful of nuts/seeds. (This will probably become my staple, hot chocolate. Here made with pumpkin seeds, almonds, cacao powder, vanilla sugar, sea salt, honey, and agave.)
   This is an all-I-can-eat plan, and I let intuition decide the adequate amount. Between meals I can drink water and green/herbal teas as demanded by thirst.
   Eating like this leaves a mini-fast between dinner and the following day´s breakfast. It gives the digestive system the rest it needs.

  Easy and no-fuss!

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