Monday, January 13, 2014


  My son, nine years, announced to me in the fall that he does not need fleece pants for this winter. I´ve always made him a pair or two before! I guess he´s come to the age when he wants to dress like everybody else, and I must accept that. I find it boring, but I must accept it.

  Still I could not resist making him this:

A faux denim t-shirt. The look is so basic that it does not stand out in any way. And he does not yet know that t-shirts are usually not denim (but I always like to include a twist or two  =).

The fabric is soft, stretchy and breathable. It pretty much feels like you´ve got nothing on (I know this because I´ve made a tunic for myself of the same material. More about that later).
Contrast stitching in ocra thread give the garment it´s denim-like look. Simple yet effective.
    To my surprise my boy greeted this t-shirt gladly! He even started wearing it the very next day. That makes Mommy so happy!

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