Saturday, January 4, 2014


  Now this is an occasion for me: being home alone for the weekend! Hooray!

  It´s been nearly two years since I had this privilege the last time. I know singles, like my sister, don´t have a clue what I´m so psyched about, but for me this is like a major holiday. I only have to think about and take care of me. How relaxing. Nobody here to interrupt me or demand anything. (Don´t get me wrong, I love my family more than anything, but a small break every now and two years is awesome!)

  With all my free time now, I have been busy running errands I find exhausting with the kids, like going to certain shops or the pharmasist´s. I also staid up late last night (eating chocolate and watching tv  =), and then slept late in the morning. It´s amazing. I can do whatever I want.

Like continue working on my new wardrobe-to-be, which I started way back... umm... last winter.
I baked fresh bread, just for me.

Sat by the fireplace and took my time staring in to the flames.

Very relaxing, and warming. No marshmallows, I´ve decided not to buy candy for a while. There is still a lot to eat from X-mas. Darn... =)

Simply sitting on the couch and having tea, while watching tv, is a pleasure I can not indulge in when my daughter is in the house.
  Now I have, once again, learned that it really is the small things in life that make it sweet and rich. The everyday little things. I just need to recognize them, like I did today. I´m happy.

  Thank you, family, for being a part of my life. But thank you also for visiting Granny this weekend! =)

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