Monday, January 20, 2014


  To fight the cold of these Imbolc days, I made a new dress for my girl:

A soft fleece dress made of scrap (originally I bought this fabric two years ago, while still expecting her. Back then I made her this, and was still left with a piece).

I neatened the hem with a strip of cotton jersey, which I also found in my stash.
The same jersey suited well for the neck edge too. Using a different shade and material of light blue in the dress gives it a more finished look. Overall I wanted to keep the garment simple, giving room to the fabric itself with it´s adorable cumulus clouds.

Isn´t it just like the real deal?
The real deal from yesterday. This is how I, in my head, always imagine the perfect Imbolc nature to look like. And now it´s here for real.Oh, how I love to see the light blue sky again after the long and dark fall and winter!

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