Thursday, February 2, 2012


  I decided to make five outfits to my coming baby before she is born. (I normally have five outfits to wear for each sabbat myself, and that is quite enough. During pregnancy I have settled for three. Reducing consumption is one key to a better world!) This third one is inspired by Sarah Kay. I just love her unique style, which I can remember from my own childhood in the eighties.

I´m not used to too much girlishness (yet), so I kept the overall look quite simple, compared to Sarah Kay´s drawings at least. I´m not even trying to do what she has done, I´m only inspired by her work. There is a big difference. I believe we all have our own special style, and we should go by what feels good to us, not by what others tell us to do. That is what makes me feel comfortable in my own skin anyway. Trust yourself!

What looks like jeans fabric isn´t that at all. It is soft, stretchy jersey which I thought could be masked as jeans fabric by adding proper top stitching to it. And I think it works! Using real jeans material in babies clothes feels uncomfortable to me, because the seams are bound to be too bulgy. I hope this will feel comfortable..

I deliberately left out all ruffles and frills, but instead added this flower shape to bring a little girlishness to the look. I guess it will be easier to add girly props after I see my baby (next month!), and can decide what style suits her. This is like an in-between-style for girls, not boyish, but not too princesslike either.

All materials are very soft to touch.

The floral print may seem a bit silly now, when there is snow everywhere, but this piece will come in use late spring/early summer, when it fits right in.

Placing the back pockets was difficult, because there is no bum yet to test the right place on!

    This romper is made with the same pattern as the earlier two outfits ("bunny" and "farmer´s daughter"). Once you find a good, fitting pattern, you can vary it almost endlessly! And needless to say, the overalls and shirt are a one-piece bodysuit, which I prefer for easy use.

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