Friday, February 17, 2012


  Babies are unbelievably cute and adorable! In their helplessness they make us feel like we need to do everything in our power to take care of them. That´s how nature designed babies. Why else would we willingly, and lovingly, clean their bottoms several times a day, and wake up numerous times a night to feed them?! I respect nature in all ways, and try to do my best.

 My baby will be born in a few weeks now, and at that time it will still be chilly and snowy outside. Although it is warm and cozy in the house, it feels like she will need something soft and warm to sleep in.
  The solution is a sleepsack made of fleece and lined with cotton jersey.

In my imagination this is what a dreamland looks like - soft clouds slowly drifting in a warm summer breeze. Withe no cares of the world...

A zipper is the easiest way to open and close the sack, when a nightly diaper change is needed.

The lining is made of very thin leftover cotton jersey. It is better against the baby´s skin than fleece.

The whole sleepsack is lined with cotton.

  May this sleepwear bring happy dreams and deep sleep to both of us!

P.S.  Patterns and instructions are easily available, either in stores or on the net. For example at McCall´s .

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