Thursday, February 9, 2012


  Green salad has always been merely in the role of a side dish in my diet. But not anymore! I have found a simple way to make it the main course of the meal, and even leaving me crave for more even though I´m already quite full.
  Thanks to Matthew Kenney and his book Everyday Raw again!

  I ate this yesterday as a main course, with some blended soup on the side. Amazing how foods have switched places now.  =)

Displaying your food nicely and dining in an aesthetic, peaceful place is an important part of  eating. You deserve it!

I don´t have a special high-speed blender, just a regular one, so the dressing still has some crunchiness in it. But I rather enjoyed that, making it feel more sturdy.

  What makes this green salad a meal is the dressing! Usually I´ve added lighter dressings, like balsamic vinegar with olive oil. And then added whole seeds to the salad, without feeling the same satisfaction I do with this kind of dressing.

Spicy almond dressing:
2 cups almond butter
4 roma tomatoes
1/2 cup nama shoyu
1/4 cup sesame oil
3 tablespoons lime juice
2 teaspoons maple syrup
1 teaspoon miso
3-inch piece ginger
1-inch piece lemon grass
6-8 Thai chiles
1 teaspoon sea salt

+ Blend all ingredients until completely smooth. Thin with water as needed. (Yield 1 quart.)

  Add this dressing to any combination of green leaves and vegetables of your choice. I usually add just one or two other ingredients to the leaves, so the taste stays clear. The dressing has lots of flavor, so you don´t need to make a complicated salad.

  Needless to say, you don´t have to take the recipe to the letter, but the closer you get, the better the end result. I didn´t have miso or lemon grass, and used whole almonds instead of almond butter, but the dressing turned out awesome.
  Now I´m having a green salad each day for lunch, followed by some "regular" food I would usually make anyway. The difference is that now I eat more fresh green leaves than before, with enthusiasm I never felt before.

  Green salad and a freshly squeezed juice is what health-guru David Wolfe recommends in his book Eating For Beauty as daily essentials for everybody.
  I get excited about raw food each spring. I believe it is the increasing light that gives me a wake-up call, and makes my body crave for energizing foods. By no means am I a raw-foodist, but I do believe in the magic of it!

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