Friday, February 10, 2012


  During war times, WWI and WWII, it was common to reuse adults´ clothes to make children´s. Nowadays we don´t need to do that due to the lack of material, but because we need to cut down our consumption. The world is packed with excess junk, lots of it unused clothes.

  This t-shirt for my seven-year-old boy is made of an adult´s one:

This is a commercial (free of charge) t-shirt we got from a boat dealer. It was originally a men´s size M, but it serves better it´s purpose as a kid´s shirt. My boy has been interested in boats since last summer, and now he can wear this to the upcoming boat expo!

The trimming is not from the original t-shirt. It is a strip of jersey I had stashed from my earlier sewing projects. I think it´s better to trim the neck edge with something other than bright white, so dirt won´t show as quickly.  =)
  The recipe:

an old adult-sized shirt/t-shirt 
a pattern for kid´s t-shirt
(a strip of contrast jersey for trimming the neck edge)

+ Cut open the seams from the adult´s shirt. Fold the front and back pieces in half lengthways, place the sleeve pieces on top of each other, right sides in.
   Place the pattern pieces on the fabric, front to front, back to back, and sleeve on sleeves (take advantage of the readily neatened lower sleeve edges in the fabric, if they´re still in good shape). Pin and cut.
  Sew as usual, according to the instructions in your pattern.

  It is amazing how good the kid´s version will look compared to the adult´s worn out one! (Of course in this particular example of mine, the t-shirt was new, but I´ve done this earlier with worn out ones, and they turned out really good.)

  Let´s save the world one shirt at a time! =)  All contributions count, we´re worth it!

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